Day 1 – Goodwood Farm

Our first day was lots of fun. We all arrived at school at 8:30 and set off to Goodwood farm. When we arrived we were greeted by Lydia, Emma and Anne and we ventured into the woodlands. We first played some fun games and then sat down for lunch where we used fresh milk from their farm to make butter. After everyone had had a go at shaking the bottle, it was ready to be eaten. We trekked through the woods on a mini best hunt and collected them in glass tubs, examined them, and released back to where they were found. Next we returned to our base and witnessed the cows getting milked. We were lucky enough to be able to see a young calf who had only been born that morning. Then we got back onto the bus and arrived at Jetty house! We explored the house and got assigned our rooms. That evening we went on a beautiful sunset walk along the beach. We had an amazing first day. By Annabelle and Carlotta

Day 2 – Sailing

On the 8th of June, year 6 went sailing. First the sailing instructors: Lou, Joel, Mary, Suzie and Rob, help us get our kit on. Then they took us on motorboats to the sailing boats. There were two of us in each small sailing boat, one of us was steering the other was in barge of the sail. The first thing they taught us was how to tack. Then we all got a turn at tacking and we all succeeded! After that they set us off and we were sailing! We went round pink and yellow buoy. After that we stopped for a quick break. We ate cookies mad by June and some juice. Then we set back off. When we had got the hang of sailing we went to have lunch. When we had finished lunch we played human bingo and then we wrote down things that are unique to us. Then if remember this we created a finger painting with ink. We each dipped our fingers in ink and then put our fingers on a piece of paper with a tree on it. Then we went back on the water to play some sailing games. Ben joined us to help us with the games. The first game was to try and sail to a motorboat in the middle of the water and collect balls from it and sail back to shore. The second game was to fort your whole team of 11 people, in your sailing boat. Then we were tough how to capsize and then pull your boat back up. We al, had a really great time!!! Finally, in the evening, we went out for a short walk to enjoy some fresh air before we went to sleep. Thank you very much Joel, Rob, Mary, Lou and Suzie for teaching us how to sail! By Emilie

Day 3 – Day at the Beach

We set off to the beach at around 9:45-10:15. It was a long walk, but it was a fun walk, as we travelled up along the pebbly path, until we walked up into the woods. If you looked right, you could see the lovely boats sailing, and left you could see trees and squirrels. While we were walking, Mrs Rogers explained that some boats sell ice-cream in the summer! As the final few minutes of walking had gone, we ran into the water, some people ran around playing tag, and some people made up fun dance routines in the water! As we started to grow a bit tired, we slowly came out of the water, and decided to have our lunch, which was: a delicious sandwich made by June, crisps and Maryland biscuits! When we finished our lunch, some people made sandcastles, some people went into the water with their lunch bags and filled it up to the top, and went back to their sandcastles and poured the water next to theirs to make wet sand. The end results were that one group, made a massage sandcastle, they rubbed wet sand on your feet and poured water on them, and most people found it really nice, and another group made a water system, where water gushes around the hill, and on top of the hill is a village! After we finished making our sandcastles we went back in the water, and swam! When finally nearly everybody was exhausted, we came out of the sea, we packed everything up and walked to the nearest cafe, and got some ice-cream! We got driven back to the house and watched a movie called Cool Runnings, which is about the first Jamaican Bobsled team! Finally, we went to bed. By Eva

Day 4 – Portsmouth

Today was our last morning at Jetty House. I was sad to leave but excited about our visit to Portsmouth. We all packed our bags (it was quite hard to squish our sleeping bags into their holders!)and said goodbye to our wonderful home for the last three days. Arriving at Portsmouth by coach, we visited the Mary Rose; Henry VIII’s warship lost in battle in 1545. There is a huge display you can walk through to see the whole shipwreck, salvaged from the sea floor in the Solent. The museum gave a really interesting insight into naval life in Tudor times. We also saw what the people on the shipwreck might have looked like, which I also found fascinating. They are very similar to us nowadays in many ways! We also climbed aboard the HMS Victory; most famous as Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805). We saw the plaque on the deck which marks the place were Nelson fell after being shot in the shoulder. I found it surprising how awkward it was to walk around the ship because of how low the ceilings were and the 104 cannons! Afterwards, it was time for lunch and we had fish and chips; I was very hungry for this! Just before leaving we had some free time at the gift shop so we bought some souvenirs to take home. Excited to see our parents, we travelled back to Falkner House full of great memories of a wonderful trip together we will never forget!

A huge thank you from all of Year 6 to Mr Kibblewhite and Miss Beckett for taking us on this trip, to Mrs Rogers and Mrs Griggs for letting us use Jetty House and to June, for cooking such delicious meals. By Flora