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Events & Trips

Events & Trips


Falkner House makes the most of any day of celebration: from closing the street for the Platinum Jubilee in 2022, to dressing up for Founder’s Day (Mrs Nunes’s birthday) and Burns Day every year, from assemblies on Diwali to King’s Day to Chinese Dragons on the street for Lunar New Year, we love nothing more than celebrating and learning through other cultures as well as our own.

Cross Country, the Swimming Gala and Sports Day are three key annual events in the Falkner House calendar where the two schools come together to celebrate.  The whole family is very much welcomed and numbers are unlimited.

“If there is one iconic Falkner House event, it is the Sports Day.  No grandparent should miss it!”



With London’s best galleries and museums practically on our doorstep, by the time they leave Falkner House, the children will have experienced the full gamut. From medieval history at the Tower of London to mummies at the British museum and space at the Science museum, we feel incredibly privileged to be able to offer so many learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Our wonderfully talented art teachers also never miss an opportunity to take their classes to galleries; from the Courtauld to the National Gallery to the Tate Modern; the children (and us) are so lucky that we can use their expertise to bring art and history of art to life in such vivid detail.

Further up the school and the trips go further afield, with a residential visit to the Great Escape in Shropshire in Year 5, and a trip to the South Coast in Year 6, including visits to Portsmouth’s Historical Dockyards, Arundel Castle, and kayaking in Itchenor to name a few activities!