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After Falkner House

After Falkner House

Leaving Falkner House is a significant milestone. With the benefit of many years’ experience and a close rapport with the leading schools, parents are assured of a tailor-made analysis of the best schools for their child alongside constant support from the school before, during and after the assessment process.

Falkner House pupils are successful by any terms: our record of entry into the top schools is outstanding. We never hothouse, we never over-prepare, but every year we take great pride in the children’s achievements at the key moments.

The children will have a completely tailor-made programme for them to prepare for these exams. We want success without strain. The years children spend at school are few and precious. The process of teaching and learning is at the heart of a school, the very reason for its existence. The best teaching, the teaching that Falkner House offers, sets children off on a lifelong path of satisfying, pleasurable and empowering learning.

“I will miss the way everyone cares for you and knows you really well – there was always time to go to the teachers if you had a problem.”
Quotes from Old Falcons (class of 2015)
“You could rely on everyone.”
Quotes from Old Falcons (class of 2015)
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