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School Animals

From dogs to guinea pigs, Falkner House has always had a strong animal tradition. 

At Penywern Road, a popular and loyal representative of the school is Juno Dixon. A cockerpoo with strong family roots in Falkner House, Juno greets the children at the front door in the morning and when the children move between the classrooms during the day. She is also extremely proficient at ensuring the floors and garden of the school are clear of lunch and snack detritus.

In the Year 2 classroom, you are likely to come upon Desmond Apostolides. A brown labrador, very proudly owned by Mrs A., Desmond is a great reading aid, always keen to offer a listening ear. He spends most of the day snoozing under Mrs A’s desk.

The newest, youngest member of the team, and another proud member of the cockerpoo family, Frankie Woodward is, like all members of the Falkner House family, kind, energetic and enthusiastic. Make sure to label your son’s socks because Frankie has a particular penchant for them!

At Brechin Place, we specialise in smaller pets, with two school guinea pigs (Humphrey and Norman) keeping the girls company when they read, and also available to go home on weekends and holidays.