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Clubs, Early & Late Birds

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Clubs, Early & Late Birds

The clubs available at Falkner House offer something for everyone:

ArtSports Skills
Cross Country Ballet
Street Dance Athletics
Computing Swimming
Musical Theatre Chess
Martial Arts Cricket

With busy lives and many commitments we offer a fully flexible Early / Late Bird scheme operated by Falkner House staff from 7.45am – 8.30am (Monday to Friday) and up to 5pm (Monday to Thursday). Healthy snacks are available, and the children can choose to play board or card games, catch up with homework, or just relax with a book.

For girls with siblings at the boys’ school and vice versa, we operate a free “walking shuttle” in the mornings so that parents can choose to drop off at Brechin Place/Penywern Road at 8:10am, with the children being walked over with a member of staff. The drop-off location changes on a termly basis. Similarly, girls waiting for a sibling to finish either at Brechin Place or at Penywern Road have the option of joining Late Birds as a “waiting sister” for up to an hour for free, depending on when their older sibling finishes.

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