Monday: In history, we did an end-of-topic test about the Blitz. After that, we learnt about the different kinds of fighter planes from both the English and German sides. Some planes were very quick and fast whereas some weren’t. It was very interesting to see which planes were effective during the war. We drew quick sketches of a plane of our choice. In Maths, we learnt how to read and understand OS maps and grid references. We did a fun game of guess the map symbol. We completed a treasure hunt At the end of the day, Mrs Rogers and Mrs Kelly talked to us about “saying ‘no’ to peer pressure”. We had a very interesting discussions about talking to our parents if we needed to. Many people contributed some personal experiences and we all learnt a lot of real-life advice!

Tuesday: Today, we had lots of fun playing dodgeball with Y5! It was intense competition but also a very nice interaction with them… and it was in our PE lesson as Miss Gardner was not feeling very well. In Latin, we shared our presentations that we had completed in pairs on zodiac signs, (e.g. Scorpio or Gemini) and fortune-telling. In Spanish, we are planning and filming a music video for a Spanish song and we are split into three groups: Street Dancers, Flamenco Dancers and the Band. Hopefully it will be done soon so we can share it!

Wednesday: Today we started with Computing where we coded games on the microbit. We worked in teams to try and play games such as a treasure hunt and hot ducks, a version of hot potato. In Spanish we practised our dances for our Spanish Project in the playground. In English we practised our Year 6 play, Twelfth Night, which is always very exciting! In RE we are learning about inspirational people. Today’s lesson was focused on Gandhi, an Indian leader who fought for India’s independence in a peaceful way. At the end of the day, in Maths, we played a well known game called Battleships, except using Grid References, which is what we are learning currently. We had to guess coordinates and try and sink our “enemy”’s ship. After school we had play rehearsals which everyone really enjoyed.

Thursday: Today we started the day with a maths lesson Mr Hanning was off for Eid. Instead it was arithmetic with Mrs Rogers supervision. We then had an English session where Mr Kibblewhite, answered questions about the Year 6 trip to Mrs Griggs country house, Itchenor, as a leaver activity. After lunch we had a Sports lesson with Miss Gardner and Miss Beckett where we did ball-throw and a bit of relay sprinting. After getting back to school we had a science lesson with Mrs Kelly where we read through an interesting fact file about birth defects, where things can go wrong in birth, and how to stop them.

Friday: In History, we finished off our plane sketches and received our test scores back. In Art, we started a new project and now we’re making our own pencil cases! Miss ter Averst showed us many different ways of sewing together a pencil case. We started designing it and picked out our fabrics!

Evelyn in Year 6