“On Thursday 15th June, Year 4 were going to their cricket match against Garden House but suddenly there was a news flash saying that the bus was broken so they couldn’t use it! Mrs Gardner didn’t want to cancel the match so she said that Year 4 would be going on the tube. It was very exciting for Year 4. On the tube some girls could reach the top hand holders but it wasn’t very crowded so some girls sat or held the loud vertical bars. At last they got to the match.

Elizabeth lost the rock-paper-scissors-shoot so the team batted first. Anaya scored a wonderful 6 and 3 fours. Evie was happy to stop 3 fours and batting someone out. Cosima was proud of scoring two fours. Sammy was proud of scoring 2 fours and 2 sixes. Elizabeth was scoring a 6 and a 4. Yasmina was proud of hitting a 4 and getting a ball off the t. Charlotte was proud of scoring a six. Helena scored an excellent 4 and took risks for running. Jackie was proud of smacking the ball hard, sometimes not getting a 4 or a 6, and earning runs. Calissa was happy to hitting the ball scoring 4 or 6 but even sometimes just taking the risk to get a run. Anna got a few wide balls which meant that she got to hit of a cone, and I mean it she SMACKED it scoring 4 or 6 or maybe just 1 or 2 runs. On the way back they went on the train again all wet and hot. Overall it was a pretty good experience.” Elizabeth