“Falkner House A team played a cricket match against Newton Prep on Thursday 12th May and we lost 44-40. It was a close match, but the highlight was definitely Isabelle Pans block to stop the ball from going out of the boundary. We had lots of fun and the was very exciting!

Annalise and I went first although Annalise didn’t hit any, she still scored a few runs. I hit a 6 and a 4 and Annalise was excellent at starting to run whilst the bowler was bowling. Then Eleanora and Jasmine went, they were really good at watching when to run and got lots of singles. Olivia and Pearl batted next, they got awarded a lot of points for wide balls, and due to mis fielding from Newton Prep they ran even though they didn’t hit many balls. Finally Annelise and Lily batted, Annelise batted again due to the fact that we had an odd amount of players. Lily did really well and hit quite a few balls.

Overall it was a great game and we all worked really hard, even though we lost by 4 runs we played well as a team! Thank you Mrs Gardner and Miss Underwood for helping us.” Ariella