“On Thursday the 20th of January, Year 6 competed against Glendower Preparatory School in a thrilling netball match. This time I was captain of the team and Freya was the player of the match on our team.

In the first quarter, Glendower had the first centre pass however Falkner House soon intercepted the ball quickly and we moved swiftly down the court. The ball was quickly in the shooting circle of Falkner House and Freya did a fantastic job of shooting the ball accurately into the net; and the whistle was blown for the first quarter to cease.

In the second quarter, Falkner House started with the ball and we were doing well: dodging their opponents and defending the goal. Although Glendower had managed to pass the ball into their shooting circle, Daniella intercepted the ball and passed back to me. I passed the ball onto Eleanora towards our shooting circle – however the ball was unexpectedly intercepted by Glendower! They passed it (not without difficulty) towards their shooting circle and scored, seconds before the whistle blew for the second quarter to end – our score was 1:1 and even.

In the third quarter, our team were in high spirits and ready to play after a quick team meeting held by Miss Underwood. Glendower started with a centre pass towards their shooting circle, and just as they were about to shoot, Emmeline did a spectacular interception and passed it to me, where I was waiting outside of the circle. I passed it onto Pippa where Falkner House carried the ball quickly and swiftly into the middle third of the court – however Glendower intercepted and passed the ball back into their shooting circle! Luckily, our excellent defending skills let us intercept the ball and pass it back out of the shooting circle- and the whistle blew to signal the end of the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Falkner House began the quarter with the ball and despite our quick passes towards our goal, Glendower intercepted, carrying the ball towards their goal where they scored! The game reset and Glendower started with the ball. Falkner House swiftly passed the ball on into our shooting circle, where Freya tried to shoot- however the ball didn’t quite fall into the goal, and Glendower intercepted. They passed the ball to the middle third, and we intercepted it there! However, the ball fell back into the hands of Glendower soon after. Glendower scored a goal in their shooting circle, despite some excellent defending from Daniella and I, and we reset our positions again. This time my team brilliantly carried the ball into our shooting circle- where Glendower intercepted again. Unfortunately, Glendower scored a goal into their circle just as the whistle blew for the match to end.

Despite losing 4:1, we displayed the clever dodging which Mrs Gardner and Miss Underwood recently taught us, and we found space on the court. My team felt that we exerted ourselves in the match with some amazing team play and swift passing of the ball down the court.” Cosima