“The whistle blew and the game began. We had the first centre pass, I passed the ball to Annelise and we got the ball into the shooting third. Then the opposing team intercepted it, the ball got to the opponent’s shooting circle and they got the it in. Then they had 2 more successful shots and then first quarter of the game was up.

After a pep talk we were ready to go!

Then the game resumed. The ball got into our shooting third and then into the shooting circle. Then Lily tried the ball…then it skimmed the edge and….. fell on the ground. The opponent snatched the ball and passed the it (with much difficulty because of great defending) down the court and into their goal.

Ariella had hurt herself so she became the sub. The score now was 4-0 but Falkner was NOT giving up! We decided to do our absolute best to get a goal….

The whistle blew yet again. Jasmine and Annelise did great dodging, Agnes and Heloise did great defending and Isabella and lily did amazing passes. We were doing well until the whistle blew.

We talked and said we could do this if we keep it up! So, we ran onto the court energised and ready.

We dodged and ran and finally got the ball in the shooting circle. With some amazing passing, we got Annelise in the right position to have a shot at the goal. And after some breath-taking moments, Annelise had a shot. The ball hit the rim, rolled around and………IT GOT IN!!!!!WE HAD A GOAL! Then the whistle blew.

The overall score was 4-1 but Falkner house A team did really well and we all got off the court with smiles on our faces. Well done Falkner house for an AMAZING effort. I think we should all be proud of ourselves!”