“The main highlight of Year 5’s week was the long awaited school trip to The Great Escape.

We woke up exceptionally early at 5am on Wednesday morning and all gathered in Brechin Place with our carefully packed kit bags, including wet weather gear, Wellington boots, blankets, sleeping bags and some breakfast snacks. Mrs Rogers and Mr Hanning along with our very tired looking parents waved us off and we were on the road by 6.30am.

We arrived at Great Haggley after 5 hours on the coach and we were shown our tents and met the Instructors for our trip.

We played some games, learnt how to make a signal fire in our groups, did some more activities, had dinner and toasted marshmallows on the camp fire. After a fantastic talent show we went to bed, exhausted!

The next day we woke up early and did some morning stretching, had breakfast and got ready for the day ahead. We made dens, went to the woods to play a crate stacking game, went on the zip line, and saw how sheep were rounded up in the jeep and then we all completed the assault course.

We had dinner and did more camp fire games and had a den competition to see whose was the most waterproof!

The next day was our last day at camp, we played some more games and completed the Escape Room challenge before packing up our bags and heading home.

We watched a movie on the ride home, some of us fell asleep and were greeted by our parents and Mrs Griggs and Mrs Rogers at 7.30pm on Friday evening.

This trip was such a highlight for Year 5 as we have looked forward to it for so long and given we have had to do online school this last year and have missed out on class activities and trips we were so grateful for the experience and want to thank Mrs Kelly and Miss Gardner for taking us to The Great Escape.” Pearl