“Today we had a match against Eaton House and we tied with them at a score of 2 – 2. In the first half we were also tied at 1 – 1 so in the second half

when we won a goal with 4 minutes left, that was the most exciting moment. Sixtine did a fantastic job of scoring our best goal as she was quite far from

the post. There was a lot of screaming from the parents behind her! The match was tough and hard-fought moving at a fast pace from end to end.

Falkner House played well and tried their absolute hardest. Eaton House had a strong goal attack but Aryana did great marking her

and Daniela dodged the balls throughout. Even though it was a tie it was not a loss, but it was a dark moment when they got their second goal in.

However it really felt like we were starting to play together as a team so I have high hopes for the next game.” Holly