‘Year 5, on Wednesday the 29th of July played an excellent game of cricket against Garden House. When we first arrived we all felt nervous, like we had to keep up Falkner House’s amazing cricket winning streak. But a lot of people with positive mindsets were set on the idea that we were going to play, and keep up with the winning cricket season. When the game started, Garden house looked very intimidating as they set up on the field. We were batting first. We scored many fours and a couple sixes and luckily they did not stump us out once.

They looked furious as they sat down to get ready for their turn to bat, and we set up on the field, our bowls were very good and the wicket keepers kept up with the fast pace of the game. We stumped a few people and they even hit their own wickets. We were doing pretty well, except for the fact that they were excellent batters.

After many catches (by Maya and Alix) and many stumps (almost everyone) the final score was 34 to Garden House and 42 to us! We had won!

Congrats to both teams!’ Maya