Today’s highlight was PE and computing- we were doing races where we had to hop along the spots until we met the other team’s player. We would then play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and whoever won would continue hopping. The losing player would then run back and high-five their next teammate in an attempt to stop the other team from finishing. In computing we worked on making our very creative gifs. We made our own stickers from everyday objects to include in our animation.


Tuesday’s highlights featured a science experiment (involving cabbage juice) and puppet shows on Edward the VI. The science experiment was called Red Cabbage Indicator Investigation. We used Red Cabbage juice to investigate whether liquids were acids, alkali or neutral. We all enjoy working in the science lab and love to do these experiments. In history, we worked in groups to recreate the story of Edward VI with puppets. We shared our shows with one another; everyone loved it, they were all incredibly unique.


Today, we watched the QuackCam; we witnessed two chicks hatch- so cute! The first hatchling was called Daisy (Reception enjoyed voting on the chick’s names so that is what they named the chick). Hatching since 8am, it was really exciting finally getting to see two hatch.


Thursday’s highlight was definitely the cricket match. Year 5 played Ken Prep. It was a tough game and they were very good at cricket. We played in Battersea Park at 4pm. There was some amazing fielding and batting- lots of high speed balls caught. It was our first match and I think everyone was proud of themselves.” Isabelle P