Monday’s highlights were PE and IT. In PE, we practised high jump and long jump and I think

that as a class, we are definitely improving!Some people even managed to beat their personal best. In IT, we continued on our GIFs and put  our screenshots into iMovie.


Tuesday’s highlight was a litmus paper test on various liquids in Science. We had to decide whether a mystery substance was acidic or alkaline depending on what colour the litmus paper turned. Everybody had a great time trying to figure out what the mystery liquids were based on the pH.


Today,we weighed 500ml of water in Maths in order to see whether one millilitre of water really weighed one gram.The weight of the 500ml of water was 495 grams.The weight could have been lighter because of the way the water particles attracted each other.We also wrote pieces of creative writing based on a book called Skellig.


We had to guess the weight of different items around the classroom in Maths. The items included

Tze-Yann’s pencil case,a box of orange slices and a Digestive. Our estimating skills are slowly but

surely improving. We also got to know who our Petites will be and everyone was extremely

excited.” Pippa