On Thursday afternoon Year 5 B team had a netball match against Garden House. Even though the first centre pass was a Garden House centre pass the team charged on. The whistle blew and the game started as the Falkner House Centre, Jezebel-Grace, brought the ball over to the hoop passing it to the WA, Reem, and suddenly… the GS, Mirai, shoots! Again and they are in the lead, the score being 2-0.¬† No! The Garden House team gets the ball and goes over to their shooting third. It goes in. Great interception bringing it back to our post but it goes back to theirs again and goes in again. It’s a tie, both teams getting more competitive. With a few great interceptions by our WD, Sophia, the ball comes over again to our shooters and it goes in! The game is tough as the ball heads in their direction. They miss and it’s ours again. Passed it to the GD, Cybella, and brought by the Centre it goes in again!


Half time and we have our pep talk, all our spirits high. The whistle blows again and the Garden House girls seem to have improved! But a few amazing smacks at the ball intercepting it by our GK, Chlo√©, brings it back to us and it seems to be heading to our post…It unluckily doesn’t go in but they are still in the lead, the score being 4-2 for Falkner House and it’s nearly the end! The opponents bring it back unfortunately with a lot of speed and…it goes in. But that doesn’t stop us as we bring it back to our shooting third. The GA, me, has a shot but it unfortunately doesn’t go in. The GS luckily gets the rebound and has a shot as well and it goes in bringing the score to an incredible 5-3! Another centre pass brings it to the Garden House shooting third. They luckily miss and the rebound is amazingly caught by the GK and it’s brought back to our side. Pass to the Centre, pass to the WA, pass to the GS, she’s about to have a shot but… The whistle is blown and it’s the end of the match. A victory, 5-3! An amazing evening for the Falkner House Y5 B Team.