“Overall, Year 4 had a busy and stimulating week. We loved watching the ducks last week and on Wednesday Mr Hanning took them home! Let’s hope they survive! We managed to cope with the heat while enjoying some of this week’s highlights.


This week, Year 4 had a very exciting English lesson. We continued reading the very humorous book “Jennings Goes To School.” Our task was to continue our personal version of the story in the same style as the author. Year 4 would definitely recommend you read this hugely entertaining book at home.


We were really excited about our PE lesson on Monday as it was our first time trying out high jump in preparation for Sports Day. We had to do a run up and then scissor kick over the pole and land on the soft mat below. We had a great afternoon in the sun, despite constantly knocking down the pole.


We played bingo to revise all the numbers up to 90. We all giggled as the balls kept falling out of the bingo basket.


On Thursday, Year 4 had an interesting maths lesson where we had to complete a Tarsia puzzle. This involved converting the different units of length and weight to make a triangle.

We cant believe we only have three weeks to go until the end of the school year but there is still lots to look forward to including Pet Day, Sports Day, and the Year 6 Bazaar.” Serena