Here are some of the things that happened during the week that I really enjoyed:

Myths & Legends:

In M & L, we created golden apple ‘mosaics’ as we are learning about the Trojan War. We used coloured card to create them. In the end, they all looked like proper mosaics and I liked it a lot!


In maths, we measured different parts of the body with a measuring tape. We then wrote our answers on a diagram of a person. It was interesting to see how long or short the measurements were. We also measured different objects (e.t.c.chair, pencil, bottle) NOT using rulers, but our own body! We used our fingers, hands and forearms as rulers. We figured out that, this method was surprisingly quick and easy but an inefficient system. People used to use this method and we realised that it was very simple to make a mistake. This was a very fun activity that I enjoyed.


In computing we have started a new topic. We are creating a ‘Tour of London’ in Google Earth. But before we could start to create them, we had to answer some questions with help of Google Maps and Google Earth. Some of the questions were challenging but everyone got through them very well. Then, of to the tour we went! First stop – Big Ben! What’s next?


During IT we watched the little ducklings hatch! It was very exciting to see this amazing process as not many of us had seen this before. We very worried that not all of them were going to make it, but they did! On Thursday, they arrived at FHG to everybody’s delight.

This week was amazing. Can’t wait for the next!” Nicole