Wednesday 8th of June, Year 4 had their first cricket match of the year, against Glendower. First, we had to play rock, paper, scissors to know who would bat first. We won so we decided to bat first. Margherita batted first and got 4 runs! Lara was very good too, hitting the ball and running straight away. In the middle of the game, when nobody could bear the suspense anymore, Noora got 6 runs straight, and hit the ball so far that she could have ran 10 runs if she wanted to. Well done Noora!

When it was Glendower’s turn to bat, we all did excellent fielding and worked wonderfully together! At one point, the ball was thrown really far, but Liliana managed to slow it down. Thanks to her, the ball rolled out of the boundaries and Glendower got a 4 instead of a 6. In the end, when we were all tired and red-cheeked, we heard the results. Falkner House had won! The score was; 74 to Falkner House and 36 to Glendower! We all cheered for the Glendower team, then the Falkner House team crowded together for a group photo. We all had lots of fun and played amazingly well!