“On Wednesday 15th of June year 4 played their 2nd cricket match of the year against Garden house. Falkner house was batting first and the first pair was Chloe and Lara, Garden House had some speedy bowling however the girls managed to score lots of runs. Sophia was very good hitting the ball, and running straight after. Then it was our turn to bowl and field and everybody did really well. There was some excellent bowls and Liliana ( the wicket keeper) even stumped Garden House! Everyone worked very well and the fielders did a good job passing the ball to the bowlers. Lots of people did well stopping the ball from going out of the boundaries (it was something we had been practicing in class) but one that really stood out for me was Claudia. She made a superb stop to quite a hard ball well done. There was one fantastic six and plenty of fours scored. Finally the match was over, red cheeked tired and sweaty we trooped off the field. Then we heard the results were in! Falkner house had won 46-63 we were all incredibly happy! We did three cheers for Garden house and awarded star player to Aggie who scored a six when she was batting. Then we celebrated! We all left Hyde park feeling very proud of ourselves!” Reem