On Wednesday, the 8th of June, we (Y4) played a Cricket Fixture against Glendower. The sun was shining brightly and the conditions were good for both teams, for batting and bowling. It was fantastic to have the parents in attendance too. It was a very tight match and we just about won, 34-33. We won by one run! Our team batted first and scored 34 runs. Some of our players had to field for Glendower’s team as they had a few less team members. This was a limited overs match with slightly different rules. For instance, if any player got out, the batters continued batting till her turn to bat had ended. However, their team would lose four runs from their score. The match was nail-biting and thrilling. While there was some strong batting and bowling, there was a lack of boundaries on our side. They bowled lots of wide bowls but that didn’t put us off. Our last wicket was vital for if we hadn’t got the last batter out we could have lost for sure. We are looking forward to more cricket matches against many other schools. Hopefully, this match starts our winning season!

Thank you to Mrs Gardner and Miss Underwood for coaching us and organising these wonderful fixtures.