“It was the first Inter Schools Cross Country in a while and 4 girls from Year 5 were selected: Serena, Chloe S, Cecilia and me. We were looking forward to participating in the race especially as we had to run 4 laps! We all did our very best and we overall all came in the Top 10 but at the Prize Ceremony, Mrs Gardner gave the year 5 Girls Trophy to Kensington Prep and Newton Prep. We were happy for them but it turned out that it was actually us Year 5 Falkner House Girls who had won! On Friday, the last day of half term, Mrs Gardner announced that there had been a miscalculation and that us Year 5 girls actually came first! We were so surprised at first, we could hardly believe it! But we knew it had to be true if announced in Prayers! We were beaming with joy as being the only Falkner House Group to have won in its category.” Alix, Year 5