Monday: Today, in Computing we coded our own MicroBit games and presented our rough ideas to each other. We all gave each other tips on how to improve our games! Next, in Geography, we looked at the difference between the population growth in India, relative to Japan. We learnt about the four stages to getting to a more economically developed country (MEDC) with a controlled population.

Tuesday: We started off the day with Latin, when we learnt about the priestess in Delphi who people believed could tell the future. We had a very fun time acting out a meeting with the priestess. In Music, we listened to Mrs Altenburger tell stories accompanied by music about us and our exciting adventures! We then took turns to make up our own tales about dragons and adventures!

Wednesday: In English, we blocked out the remaining part of the second act of our production, Twelfth Night. During Dance, we choreographed a dance for one of the jazzy tunes in our play. After school, we had play rehearsal where we watched a version of Twelfth Night, performed at  the Globe. It was very funny to watch male actors play female parts as they exaggerated the make-up to imitate the Shakespearean theatre.

Thursday: In English, we ran through the first act again, reminding ourselves of our lines and positions. Some people had started to bring costumes which really brought the whole play to life! In PE, we practiced our ball throw, in preparation for Sports Day which is coming up in a few weeks!