“This week in Science we did a fun experiment on electricity. We created a circuit to make a game where there’s a piece of wire and you have to pass a loop over it without making the loop touch the wire. We also had to find a way to make the wire buzz if it was touched. It was a really fun game to play but the buzzers were very loud! In maths we were learning about enlargements and in English we were doing play rehearsals. Our Year 6 play is Twelfth Night and we were also designing a programme . We also got our amazing costumes and make-up. On Friday we will have an extended rehearsal with pizza. I’m really excited! In Geography we are making presentations on our iPads about tribes. I find it really interesting learning about the different ways people live. In history we are learning about WWII and our current theme is Woman’s Jobs in War. We are making a radio interview about different jobs woman could do and right now my group is writing the script. We are also designing some things for our Year 6 bazaar. What a fun and busy week!” Flora