Falkner House was inspected by the Independent School Inspectorate in October.

We feel they captured the essence of Falkner House. Whilst we ourselves know the extraordinary talent and commitment of the staff and what they help the children to achieve, it is very special to see this validated and recognised by highly experienced external assessors.  To say we are pleased with the outcome is an understatement.

Some of our favourite comments are: “The school’s approach combines high academic standards with patience and kindness” and “pupils exhibit high levels of self-esteem in a humble and respectful manner”. “Pupils display sophisticated study skills for their age” and have “excellent analytical skills”. They also “are able to read critically, think independently and defend their views in a positive learning environment”; “Pupils show an extraordinarily positive mental attitude towards challenging academic demands”; “pupils are naturally self-aware without a hint of arrogance”.  And from a pupil to an inspector: “friends are like gold dust but sprinkled everywhere”.

Please do read the full report:

Falkner House Combined Inspection report

Best wishes

Anita Griggs, Flavia Rogers and Eleanor Dixon