Here are some of my favourite highlights of the week:


In Spanish, it was the last Spanish lesson so Señora Rando said it was going to be a really fun one! We played a few Kahoots and she even sent some girls down to the office to show them their amazing work.


In English, we were writing newspaper reports linked to the poem of the Pied Pied of Hamelin we were working on. We had to write about the whole story, some quotes from an eyewitness account and about the big rat problem in Hamelin. It was really fun!


In computing, we were making our own censuses, based on our own topic. It was a challenge for what we did over the few weeks of the summer term, which was to make a basic census about the normal things like when is your birthday or how many siblings do you have.

Overall, I think this week was really fun! I hope everybody has an amazing half term!