It’s exam week and Year 5 have been working hard. We did a science experiment which was the highlight of the week.

The aim of the experiment was to find out which liquid is the worst for our teeth. We didn’t have any real teeth so we used a type of marble stone that was the closest to a tooth. To make it a fair test, we put the same amount of stone in each cup of liquid and the same amount of liquid in each cup (my group used 3.3 gs of stones and 100 mls of liquid). The liquids that we used were, vinegar, tonic water, hydrochloric acid, water and milk. We put the stones in the liquid at the same time and left them there for 42 hours and 45 minutes.

This is a picture of the flasks at the start of the time.

This is a picture when the time was up.

The worst liquid for your teeth was vinegar, the stones went from 3.3 gs in weight to 0.8 gs in weight! This means that the acid in the vinegar broke down the stone so much that it shrunk in size and weight. The milk was the best for your teeth because it didn’t change the stones one bit in weight also. It has lots of calcium in it and will make your teeth strong.

Overall, I think year 5 has had a fun week. And next week will be even more fun, we’re going camping as a class.

Jasmine – Year 5