By Riya

About the week as a whole

This week was exam week. Monday through Thursday we had assessments covering comprehension, arithmetic, creative writing and problem solving. However, there were still some very exciting highlights of the week:


In computing, we filled in online forms, inspired by the UK census. Each one of us had made one, and we had a race to see who could finish all 22 first. The winner was Sixtine. After 30 minutes of typing in information, we created a spreadsheet, showing who filled in your form and what they wrote!


In Spanish, we filled in a worksheet about our families. We then had to write a paragraph about ourselves, using what we had learnt. That covered our names, birthdates and ages. After that, we played kahoot, a fun quiz competition to see who was the most accurate and the quickest. It was super enjoyable.


In science, we learnt about short circuits. It happens when a wire blocks electricity from flowing to the component. Mrs Kelly showed us how when she put the crocodile clips an the wire the buzzer did not work. It was very interesting.


The week was very exciting, even with exams. Let’s see what next week brings!