Year 6 A Team Netball Tournament Hosted by Knightsbridge School

2nd December 2019

“On Wednesday 27th November, the year 6A team had a netball tournament at Battersea Park hosted by Knightsbridge school. We had never played against any of the schools before, so it was a surprise. We had 5 matches in total. The first school we played, we beat. But we couldn’t think all the teams were like that. Knightsbridge school gave us hot chocolates between the matches. Then we played the second school. They were really kind towards us when we scored a goal. Our whole team was supporting each other and cheering them on. We had another break after the match. We had three matches in a row after the break. The third school we played were the toughest ones to beat. They never missed a shot. But the defence did really well to stop them shooting. Then we quickly passed the ball all the way to the goal and we scored. Then we went straight into the next game. The GK in their team was really good and stopped us passing to Isla, GS. They often got the ball, but when we had the ball we shot. After that game we went to our last game, this was against Knightsbridge. The host of the tournament. They were really good, and their GA shot every goal but even then we scored lots of goals and stopped goals as well. In the end we lined up to see our score and were we came. They said it was too wet to do a final or a semi final so we came first because we had won all our matches. Yay! In the end it was really fun but it was just a bit wet. The parents and the teachers made it more enjoyable and fun.” Pia