Year 5 C Team Netball v Kensington Prep

2nd December 2019

“On 28th November the year 5C team played Kensington Prep in a Netball Match! First of all, I would like to acknowledge both Lavinia Monti and Bianca Tarentelli for being super sportswomen and playing a half each for KPS because they were short a player. Falkner House had a phenomenal first half where we scored all 5 of our goals! And because of our amazing defensive players, it left them scoreless. Our success was driven by: 1. passing to each other to get the ball down. 2: Teamwork in the shooting Circle.

Sadly the second half wasn’t in our favour, KPS scored two goals and we didn’t manage to get any more balls in the net but due to our teamwork we WON THE MATCH 5:2” Eryn