Year 5 B Team Netball v Kensington Prep

4th December 2019
“At Battersea Park, the B team played a netball match against Kensington Prep. All of us were excited because we hadn’t played against other schools for a long time. The match was split into four quarters of seven minutes.
Just after the match had begun, it started to rain. Our hands got wet, so the ball kept slipping out of our hands. Ken Prep played really well, and kept intercepting our passes. Avery (C) was marking a girl who played centre/goal attack, and she was quite tall, which is handy if you want to intercept balls.
In the first quarter, Eva shot our first (and only!) goal, but Sky did her best as well. We all jumped for joy! Sweating and tired, cold and wet, we all did our very best to help Eva (GA) and Sky (GS) to shoot a few more goals. Sadly, we were unsuccessful. For the next three quarters, Ken Prep shot two goals. In the last quarter, Tess (WD) slipped and fell. Fortunately, she did not get hurt. One girl (GA, not the tall girl), didn’t realise where she was, and caught the ball offside.
At the end of the game we said “Three cheers to Ken Prep!” because they deserved it. As a netball player, you can be happy to win, but you must learn to lose sometimes. We were drenched in rain. I had fun, and I hope that my team did too.” Eugenie