Year 5 A Team Netball v Kensington Prep

2nd December 2019

“On 27th November, Year 5A team played a brilliant match against Kensington Prep. We started with the first centre pass and Isabel Shamlian (C) did the centre pass extremely well. The ball was travelling very quickly down the court and it was soon in our shooting third. Unfortunately Ken Prep intercepted the ball so they were soon in their shooting third. Luckily Sofia Magri (GD), Myra Sahdev (WD) and Honor Barclay (GK) defended very well. Sofia stood up to her good reputation of slapping balls away from the opposition and was a great help to our team. Not only is she a good defender but she always encourages her team and is very cheerful. Myra has a very strong arm and can pass the ball miles. This was very helpful in getting the ball down the court quickly. When she is free she is a very good netball player. She, Isabel O and Emilie are very good at bounce passes, which go under the oppositions arms. Isabel O (GA) is amazing at her position. She knows how to do lots of different driving-in skills, when it comes to the centre passes. She can shoot extremely well and is a very competitive player. She always tries her hardest with Emilie to score goals. Emilie (GS)is a very keen player. She is always trying to dodge around players and she gives Isabel O plenty of good chances to throw the ball. She is very keen at netball and learns good skills for netball rapidly. She never groans but enjoys all netball whenever we get to play it. She is always aiming for her shots to go into the net (they do) and is always doing her best for our team. Isabel S (C) is always bouncy and manages to escape the oppositions clutches a lot of the time. She is always running around the court and will always be a player who helps the game run smoothly across the court. She notices every possible way to help her team players and although she wasn’t very well today she put a lot of effort into the game. Carlotta (WA) is always on track of the game. She knows where everyone is and drives in and out constantly. She T marks her player well and always aims for a good game. She also managers to play brilliantly even in the toughest games. And last but not least me (GK), I always try to be a good player for our team and with Sofia we both do well in the oppositions shooting circle. I catch as many rebounds as I can and with Sofias help we manage to talk the netball out of the oppositions circle. Overall I think our team is always trying to play the best we can. The score was 4-0 to Ken Prep but this will just make us more competitive¬†for the next match.”¬†Honor