Year 4 Visit to the Parasol Unit

20th November 2018

‘On Monday 19th November, Year 4 went to the Parasol unit and looked at the exhibition on Heidi Bucher. First we met our guide and then we went through a special entrance and saw a beautiful sculpture of a jug with some pretend water coming out and flowing into a real river. Afterwards we went in to the gallery and looked at an artistic sculpture of the silhouette, it was very pretty with its oranges and browns. We then admired a wonderful dragonfly, it had purple and mother-of-pearl white colours. It was very interesting as Heidi was a performance artist which means she used her sculptures in her shows and she could wear the dragonfly.Then we did a workshop and we made a sculpture. First we made pictures of the garden, under the water and the house you live in. Then we made sculptures for each of the background scenes. Year 4 really enjoyed the gallery and it was very beautiful. Thank you Miss Zervou!’ Flora

‘On the 19th November, Year 4 had a trip to the Parasol Unit for Contemporary Art. Our guide was Dhyandra. First we looked at some of Heidi Bucher’s art in the main part of the gallery. We then went to the classroom and started our workshop. We had a chat about the texture and colour in the previous paintings. After this we started the real fun! We drew habitats of a snail, starfish and a human. Later we cut out bits of cardboard and tissue paper forming a house. It formed a silhouette on our habitat pictures. My favourite bit was making the starfish habitat. It was a really nice trip. Thank you Miss Zervou!’ Gabriella

‘At the workshop we first drew a habitat for a snail, then a starfish and then a place where we would like to live. Afterwards we made objects to put in front of our drawings. I put a house in front of my habitat for snails which was a garden, a starfish under the sea and a person on the beach. It was a very fun activity. Once finished, we went to the gallery and looked at more art by an artist called Heidi Bucher. My favourite artworks were a dragonfly with mixed colours of sparkling violet, brown and yellow and a pot in the air with water sloshing from it going in to a pretend lake and then a real lake.’ Sofia