Year 3 trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum

8th March 2016

“Year 3 visited the VictorIa and Albert Museum. It was great fun! First, we went to a timeline and talked about important times in history, starting from the present day all the way to the Anglo-Saxon period because we were learning about the Anglo-Saxons at school.” Isabelle

“The first object was a brooch, near 800 AD. The materials were from Germany, Sri Lanka and one other country. The brooch was a pagan one and it was made of gold, garnets and shell. We managed to design our own brooch! Pair by pair we were brought up to spot the brooch amongst others in a glass case.” Lucrezia

“The excellent guide told us about a very interesting stone cross which had lost the horizontal part of the cross. The interesting thing about it is that one side had pagan pictures on it such as animals but strangely the other side had Christian carvings on it such as the apostles. (Judas was not on the picture as he betrayed Jesus.)” Gabrielle

“One other thing that excited me was the belt buckle looking similar to the one we had studied in History. It had intricate patterns and that showed us the craftsmanship of the Anglo-Saxons. It also gave us an example of them having very beautiful and delicate objects.” Sania

“The last object was a small golden cross with an ivory Jesus on top. Julia (the guide) told us that when people washed it for the first time there was a container behind holding a saint’s finger. This would make them more Christian. Overall Year 3 loved it so we all must go back to the V & A!” Julia