Year 2 – Fire of London Walk

20th November 2019
“On Friday 15th, Year 2 went on the Fire of London Walk in the city.  We went there because we were learning about the Great Fire of London. We went to Pudding Lane and Sophia played London’s Burning on her recorder.  We had a blue badge guide called Philippa. The church was called St Margaret’s Pattens.  We wrote with quill pens and dressed as Samuel Pepys and Elizabeth Pepys.” Cybella
“On Friday Year 2 sent to the City of London for a trip to look at the parts of London where the fire had taken place.  We had packed lunches, it was great fun with a packed lunch.  First we went to Pudding Lane.  We found out that in Pudding Lane during the Great Fire of London, what  they called ‘pudding’ was sausages with blood!” Vendela
“Our tour guide was called Philippa and she took us to St. Margaret’s Pattens.  In the church we wrote with quills . We also learnt a little about pattens.  Suki even got to wear them!  Pattens are shoes that you would use in the olden days to keep your feet away from getting dirty.” Stella
Favourite parts:
 “when we pretended to put out a fire”  – Lara
“When Philippa (the guide) dropped her toy rat” – Sasha