Learning at Falkner House

Successful learning comes from inspired teaching and at Falkner House, we hire and retain the best teachers in London. Excellence is fostered among newly qualified staff from the experience and guidance of our senior team.

Children are not streamed into separate ability groups, however, we have small group teaching at points throughout the day where we will focus on the needs of a small number of children who may require additional support or stretching beyond the regular curriculum.

We believe in relatively little homework, however, what we set is important.  It is ultimately the process of homework that matters.  Being set a task and remembering that task, when it is due and delivering it when required are all fundamental life skills that we are helping to instill in the girls.

Parental support is vital for successful learning.  Whether that is listening to your child read or helping them to learn their times tables, it is vital that the girls feel supported at home and that they hear the same message from home and school.