Food at Falkner House


While we hate to boast, the award winning food at Falkner House is amazing!

Our school cook, Sarah Wigmore, produces fresh delicious food every day with huge variety available for all.  We do not post weekly menus as we like to

Sarah and June preparing Founder’s Day lunch 2019

give Sarah the freedom to cook whatever she likes and we would not wish to disappoint should her plans change for any reason.  Instead, we are extremely flexible about what we offer the girls and our personal approach from Reception to Year 6 means that we can support even the pickiest eaters.

Reception girls have lunch in their classroom with food delivered from the kitchen. Years 1 – 6 eat in the dining room on a rota system with a selection of hot, cold and vegetarian food available. Staff monitor discreetly to ensure that girls choose a balanced diet of a sensible quantity and that good manners prevail.  Water is always available throughout the school and throughout the day. Girls have a mid-morning snack of fruit or a biscuit with water. Snacks are also available post school with sandwiches as well for those staying to do clubs or Late Birds.

June Bailey, Catering Assistant