About Falkner House

Falkner House Brechin Place is a school for girls between the ages of four and 11 with a co-educational nursery for children aged two to four.

Falkner House provides an outstanding academic education in a family atmosphere. We offer a unique environment in which children can flourish and are given the opportunity and confidence to excel.   We are Londoners through and through, embracing the best of British values in the most dynamic and diverse of cities.

Small but mighty, with one class per year group, Falkner House children are known, nurtured and respected as individuals.  The range of extracurricular activities on offer, from music to drama, sport and art, reflects our approach that every child should have the opportunity to shine.

Falkner House aims to:

• ensure that all children achieve a high standard of work across the curriculum
• provide a broad curriculum with progression through the years
• provide a caring and happy atmosphere
• provide an appropriate set of expectations for each individual child
• develop self-confidence and self-esteem
• encourage an ability to form easy relationships with both peers and adults
• encourage a sense of individual pride in all school and personal activities
• instil a wide variety of life skills

The school is highly successful in its determination to provide the individual attention the children require to assist their learning.

ISI Inspection 2011