Children are encouraged to be curious,
to experiment and to learn through play

Just like the Nursery at Brechin Place, boys and girls benefit from wonderful facilities at the new Falkner House Nursery in Penywern Road. The children thrive in a stimulating atmosphere under the care of professional and thoughtful teachers. The children are introduced to sport, music, dance, French, computing, art and culture in an ordered but progressive environment. Creativity, thoughtfulness and kindness to others are fostered in the family atmosphere.

We develop their confidence, independence, individuality
and social skills as much as their literacy and numeracy

There are two sessions, morning or afternoon (there is no all day programme) each with up to 24 children. The head of the Penywern Nursery was previously at a top┬áLondon pre-prep school and leads a highly experienced and capable team. As in the Nursery at Brechin Place, firm foundations will be┬álaid in the essential skills and the weekly timetable structured to guarantee a varied and exciting programme. Each child’s educational needs and progress are regularly discussed with parents and staff are always on hand to offer support.

Nursery is important in its own right;
it is not just a step to the next school