Nursery Admissions

The Nursery offers places on a ‘first come first served’ basis, i.e. the sooner a child is registered after birth the higher the priority and we would thus encourage parents to register their child as early as possible. We create our list based on the number of days after birth that the registration was received. The month or day of birth is irrelevant. A place in Nursery does not guarantee a child a place in the Main School.

Places are offered approximately fifteen months before entry in the September or January.

Most children join Falkner House Nursery during the term of their third birthday with entry in September or January. Summer born children join in the September following their birthday.

Please note that in July 2020 the Falkner House Nursery at Penywern Road will be closing. Going forwards there will therefore be just the one Falkner House Nursery at Brechin Place, which will remain co-educational. The Penywern Nursery has been an extraordinarily happy, productive and vibrant environment and we are so proud at what they have achieved in such a short time, however, we increasingly feel that to give the best to each and every boy in the main school we will need the space currently used by nursery for a creative centre for art and music for the boys in Reception to Year 6.


September September 6 2.11
October September 6 2.10
November September 6 2.09
December January 5 3.00
January January 5 2.11
February January 5 2.10
March January 5 2.09
April September 3 3.04
May September 3 3.03
June September 3 3.02
July September 3 3.01
August September 3 3.00