4th March 2022

Given the growing intensity of the war in Ukraine and reflecting the discussions and conversations we have been having in school; the boys asking how they can help, we would like to do our best to lend our support.  There are many superb organisations involved, both local and international and we have put links to a few below:

The Red Cross appears to be operating on the ground in Ukraine, whereas the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) seems to be helping those refugees flooding out of Ukraine into neighbouring countries.

British Ukrainian Aid is a small organisation, sourcing supplies and equipment in the region and transporting them into Ukraine. Donations can be made here:


Last but not least and strongly recommended by those on the ground in Ukraine, the movement #standwithukraine is doing critical work financing the supply of equipment directly into Ukraine.  The attachment here has a QR code and link to the organisation.

As a school, we will giving donations to the above appeals.

We understand that the unfolding situation can be frightening for the children to hear and read about, particularly if they have family and friends involved in the region – it is daunting enough for adults to process.  We are doing our best to steer the right path through the news for them, disseminating appropriate information without heightening fears.    Please do get in contact if you would like to discuss at any stage.

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