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Calendar Subscription Guide

Falkner Boys

Calendar Subscription Guide

How to subscribe to the Falkner House calendar

Click here for the Main School feed URL

On a Mac

  1. Open the Calendar program (in Applications)
  2. From the File menu select New Calendar Subscription
  3. Type or paste one of the two feed URLs above into Calendar URL field then click Subscribe
  4. Change the name and colour (optional), change the Location to On My Mac (important!), and update the Auto-refresh frequency to Every day (important!), then click OK
  5. The events should now appear in your calendar

In Outlook on a Windows PC

  1. From Tools menu select Account Settings
  2. Click on the Internet Calendars tab
  3. Click the New button
  4. Type or paste one of the calendar URLs above then click Add
  5. In the Subscription Options dialog box, you can optionally rename the calendar. Make sure the box is checked in the Update Limit section

In Google Calendar Online

  1. In the left column, click on the Add link in the Other Calendars section.
  2. From the menu select Add by URL.
  3. Enter the feed URL in the dialog box then click Add Calendar.
  4. If you have an Android device this calendar will then synchronise onto any Android device that you are logged into with your Google account

On an iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars if you’re on iOS 10 or Accounts & Passwords if you’ve upgraded to iOS 11
  2. Tap on Add Account… under the Mail section
  3. Tap on Other
  4. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar under the Other section
  5. Enter or copy in the feed URL of the calendar
  6. Tap the Next button
  7. Tap the Save button

If you have any questions about our calendars then please contact us.