This week we talked about those children in nursery who will begin their next chapter in reception classes in September. A lot of conversations were had as the children eagerly shared the names of their new schools, their teachers’ names and the colour of their uniforms, which included dresses, cardigans and ties!

Using the children’s summer term folders, we reflected back on the artists we have covered this term. The children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for this topic had been wonderful, enjoyed by them and their teachers!

The children were very excited and proud to bring their summer term folders home. Please take the time to go through them with your children – it is a treasury of creativity, which highlights what we have focused on this term.

Miss Caviglia and I would like to say goodbye and have a wonderful summer. To those who are leaving us, we wish you all the best in Reception. For those returning, we look forward to seeing you all again in September!