This week we introduced the Swiss German artist Paul Klee and focused on his work of art, ‘Red Bridge’ which inspired imagination, art, shape and construction activities.

Under the stairs our nook became the home of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children built bridges in varying heights, lengths, designs and stability for the goats to cross as they retold the story.

Paul Klee’s ‘Red Bridge’ and fairy tale characters governed our focus in the number room where we concentrated on ‘shapes and sizes’ and the number 7. A smaller family of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ created opportunities for the children to retell the tale in the story tray and the doll’s house became the home for the family of the ‘Three Bears’. Seven red bricks were counted out and constructed into bridges and shapes we have focused on this term became collage materials to create our own works of art.

In the letter room we focused on the sound ‘y’ where we visited the Himalayan mountains, the home of hairy yaks and shy yetis. The children enjoyed creating stories around some of the animals that live in these amazing mountain ranges.

We have enjoyed a celebration of animals this week. On Tuesday we celebrated Falkner House Pet Day. There was a great selection of dogs of varying heights and breeds, along with a couple of cats, guinea pigs, fish and Sebastian the giant African land snail. The parade ended with the ‘two legged’ fury and feathered creatures showing off their plumage, soft coats, tails and pointed or floppy ears.

During the week we had a wonderful treat. Reception has been the home for a brood of ducklings that arrived and hatched only last week. Those who wished were invited to gently hold these five-day old babies, while others who wanted to watch their friends with the ducklings were equally delighted by the experience.

Inside the children’s bags, there is something special they have made for their fathers. We wish you all a wonderful weekend celebrating fathers on Sunday!