This week we focused on ‘Oceans’. Using the globe, we could see how much of the earth is covered with water. We looked at some of the incredible creatures that live in our oceans and spoke about the importance of protecting them and their habitats. After reading ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’, by Sarah Roberts, we discussed what we could do to help protect our oceans, from reusing and recycling and tidying up after ourselves when we visit the beach. Under the stairs, our ‘nook’ became an ocean with a few of the wonderous creatures that live in it.

The discovery tray in the number room was filled with sea shells and barnacles. It was a big hit with the children as they explored the different shapes, sizes and textures of the shells, with a few putting the shells to their ears to hear the ‘sea’. We discovered how amazing seahorses are. With pencils, everyone drew or coloured their own (very individual!) seahorse before counting out seven bubbles and place them around their fish.

In the letter room we focused on ‘j’. There was a lot of laughter and anticipation as the handle of the jack-in-the-box was wound around before jumping out to surprise us all. Inspired by the beautiful book ‘I am Jellyfish’, by Ruth Paul, the children created their own collage jellyfish. We experience a wet and wild time playing with more sea creatures in the water trough. For those wishing to play in a ‘dryer ocean’, the children created stories using a mixture of sea creatures housed in the large tray on the floor.

On Wednesday we celebrated St David’s Day with welsh cakes! The children were introduced to the legend of the warm red dragon and how it defeated the cold white dragon, setting the villages free from the icy cold weather and allowing the plants to grow again in the warmth. Hence why there is a white and green stripe behind the heroic red dragon on the Welsh flag!

We ended the week with Founders Day! The costumes were amazing and the day was enjoyed by all! We enjoyed a delicious feast of butterfly cakes, cloud sandwiches and popcorn clouds.

In the letter room the children made homes for and created stories around insects and fairies. Our ‘nook’ under the stairs transformed into a bird sanctuary and in the number room we caught ‘raindrops’ in the sensory trough. During the festivities, everyone made a falcon kite to fly home!