This week we looked at polar animals both in the Arctic and Antarctic. Under the stairs our nook became the Arctic, where a wide selection of fury and feathered creatures live in this harsh and ever-changing environment. In the letter room Antarctic was floating in the water trough with different species of penguins, leopard and elephant seals, winged squid, orcas and a southern right whale. We touched on the topic of global warming and discussed what impact this has on these amazing creatures whose icy natural habitat is melting in the warmer temperatures.

In the letter room the children enjoyed balancing penguins on top of floating icebergs and using card, scissors and lashings of glue, everyone created their own ‘p’ for penguin.

In the number room we enjoyed polar counting and action songs such as ‘One Polar Bear Went Out to Play’ and ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear Turn Around’. The children cut out six icebergs to float in the Arctic sea and fish ‘swam’ in the ‘icy water’ in the sensory tray.

On Tuesday we all enjoyed a delicious snack of pancakes accompanied by the book, ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’, by Jan Fearnley.