This week we focused on animals that we may see in our gardens and parks. Under the stairs, our nook became home for a selection of these familiar animals. We sorted our garden animals into groups of those with two, four, six or more legs, or indeed no legs! We talked about where they sleep and those which are diurnal or nocturnal and which hibernate throughout the winter months.

The children enjoyed playing with the small world park animals in the number room and singing our number song ‘Four Fox Cubs’, to the tune of ‘Five Little Ducks’ with the fox family. Lashings of glue was used to create a skulk of foxes – all with four whiskers.

In the letter room our trough was filled with soil. There was great excitement as the children dug with trowels and hands for the ‘worms’ hiding in the earth.

The children worked together constructing homes with the wooden logs for mini beasts and garden animals, and the odd walrus and whale from the phonic treasure basket.