We have had a fun-filled and busy week in Nursery, travelling around and visiting ponds, rivers and lochs! We started the week looking at what animals live in and around ponds near us.

On Wednesday the children arrived to the sound of bagpipes playing ‘Flower of Scotland’. We enjoyed a day filled with laughter, dancing and shortbread as we celebrated Burns’ day honouring the poet Robbie Burns. In the morning we enjoyed an energetic reel in the playground. Later in dance, Miss Jacky’s lesson took the children to Scotland where they danced in pairs in the ‘big room’. That afternoon we joined the school outside for another energetic FH whole school dance to ‘The Dashing White Sergeant’.

The children thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Scottish animals in the ‘small world’ red deer park and with the larger animals under the stairs, both areas housing lochs for Nessie. Inspired by the book, ‘No Such Thing as Nessie! A Loch Ness Monster Adventure’, by Chani McBain, everyone made their own Nessie with three humps. As it turns out, she too enjoys shortbread!

We finished the week by celebrating Lunar New Year. The children were introduced to some of the traditions celebrated throughout the 15-day festival and the origins of the Chinese zodiac animals. We had an action-packed day, creating and decorating lanterns to take home and retold the story of The Great Race using the small world animals. The children enjoyed splashing in the waterlily pond and playing in the panda sanctuary under the stairs. We finished both sessions with a delicious feast of noodles and of course, fortune cookies!

In the letter room, the creativity was extended as the children free painted a rabbit.