This week we focused on the fairy tale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

Under the stairs our nook became the home of the Gruffs. The children constructed bridges in varying heights, lengths, designs and stability for the goats to cross as they retold the story.

There was much excitement on Wednesday as we took the school bus from Brechin Place to Kensington Gardens for our autumn adventure. Fun was had by all as we searched for and collected natural treasures we found in the park. To the delight of both the children and their teachers we came upon a deep carpet of leaves in and around a circle of trees. Leaves were thrown and tossed around by Nursery and the wind. Children leaped and ran into the leaves, then rolled around and buried themselves in the fallen foliage. Most clambered up a fallen tree and either walked or crawled along the trunk before leaping off the end. We enjoyed spotting robins and crows, the odd spider web and watching the squirrels digging in the ground and racing up trees. And of course, our outing would not be complete without waving hello to ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ as he drove around taking care of the park!

In the letter room the autumn treasures we collected became a garden for mini-beasts and in the number room the children explored more natural treasures in the brown sensory tray.