This week we focused on the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Our nook under the stairs was transformed into the Giant’s Castle where children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own versions of the well-known fairy tale, counting out golden coins whilst listening out for the words ‘Fee fi fo fum…’.

The children were introduced to the lifecycle of a bean. We discussed what a seed needs to grow to become a strong and healthy plant, after which, everyone planted their own bean seed. We now wait in anticipation with care and the help of a sprinkling of water and sunlight to see the first seedling leaves as our plants begin to grow.

In the letter room, Nursery enjoyed gently taking care of our scented herbs, pottering in the soil and filling plant pots in our Plant Nursery Centre.

Engineering skills were put to the test as homes were carefully constructed for ladybirds with logs and leaves.

In the number room many songs were sung and acted out throughout the week, from Five Beans in a Bean Pod Pressed to Five Little Speckled Frogs and Five Little Ducks – along with many others.

On Friday we looked at what Harvest is and what we can do – and have done, baking and bring in food to share with others who have less, to celebrate the festival.

We ended the sessions introducing the children to the poem, Picture of Autumn. 

Picture of Autumn 

Leaves of brown – falling down,

Golden wheat – bread to eat,

Straw and hay – stored away,

Harvest moon – winter soon.